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Energy Healing via Bio Energy Healing at Kailash

Eat /Live For Your Blood type

Neways Minerals Supplements

Total Sweet very Healthy Sugar

Comfort Zones and Adventures HO rse's, that is horse's not arse's

Magic Earth Making from the Mucuna Bean


Some interesting links.

Re new foods etc when feeling unwell, or even well:-

When trying anything, try a small dose to start with & build gradually. Somewhere I shall get round to writing about comfort zones. It is important to stay inside yours as far as possible. If you are very ill or even otherwise, you have to start gradually. Whilst healing often results in a body reaction with a little fever, with care there will be greater comfort.  Some fever or reaction can at least be a good sign, in that your body is trying to heal, just like you know an itchy wound is healing whilst a red sore one, is probably infected & need's additional treatment.


------Re a little Humour Re where I come from------

We used to use a T sign for time out at meetings and such like. That is we wanted a coffee as an excuse to escape a boring presentation. 

Hence there is some Scottish coquettish desperation re achieving humour rather than boring old links. Although links in Scotland are full of fun with the odd golf ball flying around, if not a ball in the evening, ie a barn dance or Do!.

 This links page in a sense is meant to have some useful links that bore into one, in a highly useful manner.

O dear what can I do, an old remedy, the T sign of a Face, which funnily enough is also related to our comfort zone's, see comfort zone's.
Aye                                             AYE

the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog's wet nose Ock noo

For a ton of Ock's try Tunnock's, they do wonderful Scottish ock's, full of sticky flavoursome moments, of joy and like all Scots they are dry
despite the drizzle and wet nose's.

Alternative Medicine

A now famous doctor, once told me that conventional medicine can only properly cure 26 ailments.
 Luckily there are many more health solutions than what conventional medicine has to offer


 What doctors don't tell you. These people do a wonderful job of explaining a lot of stuff, regarding orthodox and alternative medicine, if you are interested.

     What Doctors Don't Tell You first appeared as a newsletter at the end of 1989. It grew from a sense of frustration with conventional medicine, and a desire to tell others about its short-comings and dangers. It was started by award-winning journalist Lynne McTaggart and her husband, Bryan Hubbard, also a senior journalist.

    Lynne had suffered from a mysterious illness for around five years, during which time she had passed through a medical odyssey of conventional, alternative and strange treatments. She encountered treatments that either didn't work or were dangerous.





Resonance: Good source of Oxygen pills, very good for just about anything. Especially hangovers & anyone fighting a fever or infection, whilst offering magnesium supplementation, a must for protecting your nervous system.  My GP once told me that around the world, Mg is a great safe medicine for pregnant mothers, with hypertension, or blood pressure problems. But in the UK it is illegal to prescribe Mg via the NHS, as their medicines approval process has not included it, but has preferred drugs instead.
 I recommend you exploring the advantages of good nutrition, before you resort to what your GP has to offer. Prevention, & good health & healing have all got the same routes. When you adopt a healthy nutritional rich & diverse diet, your self healing body will heal. This is very powerful , & far more permanent than, than the effects of drugs.

Hale Clinic, Alternative therapy centre, Regents Park, 0845 009 4171 Nutricentre shop020 7436 5122 Almost anything available here. I recommend Colloidal silver for those of you fighting ME, or any nasty infection.  If you join ME Action you will get a 25% discount. Whilst at there extensive bookshop 020 7323 2382





Bio-Energy Healing 

Again at Regents park, an excellent centre for Energy Healing, ask for Momo Kovacevic, or Seka Nikolic, a brother & sister from Yugaslavia, who have helped me & many others enormously. 0207 722 3939 

They have links with Tibet;
The Tibet Charitable Trust was founded in 1991 re-named from the Tiger Rugs of Tibet originally started in 1985

Seka has written a book about the natural benefits of bio-energy healing.


Seka Nikolic is a bio-energy practitioner with exceptional power. The Milan Institute for Bio-Energy scientifically established that her healing powers are unequalled, and Seka's remarkable success rate has earned her a worldwide reputation. Seka believes that her healing ability has a scientific basis and that bio-energy healing can work to complement orthodox medicine. Indeed many of her patients are referred to her by doctors who know that she can help with illnesses like ME. In this ground-breaking book, she explains the principles of bio-energy and describes how the body's energy field can by thrown out of balance by negative emotions like stress or fear, by the impact of other people's energy levels and by geopathic stress. The result of this imbalance is illness and disease. Drawing on Seka's twenty-five years of experience, the book mixes case studies with practical advice that enables the reader to recognize the problems that can lead to ill-health and learn how to manage their energy to protect themselves and start the self-healing process. Accessible and convincing, "You Can Heal Yourself" will appeal to anyone who is interested in achieving optimum mental and physical health.





Magnetic Therapy, a UK based source of magnets, If you wish to try using North pole magnetic Energy as a healing tool.

BioMagnetics  A web site that looks at the scope of biomagnetism from all angles.





MINERALS, A little good health promotion.

Minerals, probably the most overlooked part of our nutrition today. I often recommend eating some seaweed, it's safer than fish & full of cleansing & nutritional goodness. GNC amongst other health shops do a seasalad, product that can be added to soups, curries, stirfry & stews.

Our high sucrose diet, leaches minerals out of our body, whilst our intensive farming methods, massively reduce our mineral intake. as a single easy health boost, via the mouth this is the best I have found......

Many mood swings & behavioural problems are linked to mineral deficiency. 
It is common knowledge, that low iron, leads to low energy. (But be careful most prescribed iron supplements are dangerous if you take too much, liver & Guinness are safe though) Sorry off the point. 
What is little known is just how close our high simple carb diet, (white foods) & poor energy & moods are linked. 

Chromium, (not the car bumper variety, but close) for eg will help with anger & Glycosemia, or blood sugar control & ultimately diabetes. SO THEY ARE VERY IMPORTANT.

Lack of copper results in heart attacks & strokes. In Ecosse, due to the high level of acid rain, we had to give the cattle, copper injections, otherwise they became poorly. In fact in the farming & in horse world, we always give mineral supplements, which is good news for those of us who eat meat. But it also demonstrates the utter importance of minerals to making money through farming, where growth rates & health hits the bottom line, farmer's just have to supplement. As a farmer in my time I have been somewhat shocked at the quality of the food we eat versus the cows & sheep. 

As a kid I used to eat the dairy cow cake, I was always a bit hungry. A rather amusing thought for me re the French Revolution horrible as it was, that cake wasn't what we all think it might be, when the Queen suggested an alternative to bread with her infamous suggestion. All our milk supply depends on cake and I ate vast quantities of calf & cow cake as a youngster. A modern day alternative is:-

If you want a very high quality Mineral supplement I recommend Neways Maximol Solutions . The SOLUTION includes a very broad spectrum of minerals & vitamins in a patented high availability format. This is based around the same principal that makes nutrients available to the plant and then eventually to us animals//people. Worth remembering what type of body you are in, a healers joke, people can be very different, but in the Agric Eng world of mine both animals and people benefit from minerals.
They are a direct order organisation, with amateur to professional networked sales people give me a call 07766707325 and leave a message and I can organise a wholesale supply for you & the opportunity to earn a small % of sales, when you recommend the product to others if you wish.  My Neways ID for those who like to do things online is 200147271 with the name Bryan Nisbet as your distributor network link, see link below.

New Neways Web page link.

  After signing up, for the minerals I recommend the Classic Minerals, for they are sugar free. I take them with juice early in the morning on an empty stomach.

The easy links to buy the minerals are:-
 SHOP, Choose Country, Essential Liquid Nutrition, Maximol Classic 500ml. 

Cost for 5 delivered is approx 24 each.
 Note the minerals are in the Liquid section.

The PRODUCTS then ESSENTIAL NUTRITION link is useful too.

Neways also do a wide range of health supplements, with an emphasis on bio availability, which is very helpful, ie they are safe.

Worth mentioning also is their Suncream , it uses zinc which in itself is a skin healer versus the competitors use of titanium dioxide as a witener no wit intended. Tit anium dioxide ideally is best kept away from delicate body parts. This is especially ideal for children. They also do a Tan promoter of which I know little but use occasionally.

Robin ended up in the Sim bin.
for Rob had had to go!
for we could no longer just Rob sorry rub
Rubbing was just no longer Cool
She said it was too Hot!

Hence we ended up with Rob in the bin
a beautiful we girl called Robin II
Rob said it was the Sim bin's fault
Robin a little red chested
said it was
Rob for Rob had had to go!

We thought there must have been
A Boob
When Rob rubbed Robin's chest.
For how else did Robin
end up with red boob's!

Now Robin has a Bob for a bob or two!
rub her chest, rub her chest wee Bob
Cute little Robin II rubbed and bobbed

The Summer Brown Boob's still say
it's all in the Neway's tan accelerator.

Bob bobbed and rubbed only to
discover that the bob's (shilling's)
had bought a Neway.

For the Boob's to develop a
colour or two, they needed Rob
or Neway's tan accelerator!!


Also the Mouth wash, is oxygen based and I swallow it along with their Toothpaste , not something I would do willingly of most products for they contain poisons such as fluoride.  The mouthwash is also useful for skin complaints such as sunburn and is a straightforward safe disinfectant.


Healthy Food, How about a healthy sugar, that helps kill the bad bugs, & solves the diabetic problem.  


Amazon now have this product as 'Total Sweet' 100% natural Xylitol. Click on Total Sweet above to buy, they do an excellent regular delivery under SUBSCRIBE, for around a tenner, that is good value for such a health promoting food as this.
Also see manufacturer in the UK .

 The reason this product works, is it's a 5 chain carbon versus sucrose/glucose/fructose that are 6 chain carbon sugar molecules.  Hence the body and friendly bacteria digest the product in a healthy but different manner to other sugars, the Emerald Forest link above has info all about this.

The book below discusses Xylitol, have a look.
click on book
dentist goodbye
Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth,  Ellie Phillips (Author) 





In the West we completely miss a key health issue, which in the East they take very seriously to their benefit. Our blood type is the issue. It is a marker of our genetic makeup of our human body. that genetic makeup, being decided by the history of where it has evolved from. Our genetic heritage has given our body food preferences and intolerance's. Or more basically foods OUR BODY IS DESIGNED TO LIVE ON FROM MUCH PRACTISE AS OUR GENETICS HAVE DEVELOPED OVER THE CENTURIES PAST. so for example some people are naturally meat eaters and vice a versa. Blood type A are allergic to black tea, funnily enough many of the British are blood type A, and they drink lots of tea. I am afraid we have a bad habit of liking what is bad for us in the UK.

Anyhow there is a very good book that gives you an excellent list of suitable foods for each blood type, which is very worthwhile exploring if you feel anything less than fully fit or even if you are fit for purpose. This book is all about fit for purpose.

Live Right for Your Type (Paperback)
by Peter D'Adamo (Author), Catherine Whitney (Author)
(4 customer reviews) *****
bloodtype Review
The idea that blood type plays a role in health, wellness and personality wasn't exactly new when Dr Peter D'Adamo came out with Eat Right For Your Type in 1997. The idea had been around for most of the 19th century, and had gained quite a bit of currency in Japan. But it was a startling idea to most Americans, who made the book a bestseller that was translated into more than 40 languages and spawned a similarly successful sequel, Cook Right For Your Type.

Now, Dr D'Adamo--armed with new studies on genetic links between blood types, disease and behaviour--looks at the psychological and medical peculiarities that seem to predominate in one blood type or another. Type O's, for example, have lower than average amounts of a brain chemical called dopamine, leading to poor concentration, hyperactivity and temper tantrums. A's tend to manufacture too much cortisol, a stress hormone that can lead to hypertension and has even been implicated in Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Type B's and AB's clear nitric oxide out of their systems faster, allowing them to calm down more rapidly than other blood types when stressed.

Dr D'Adamo offers detailed lifestyle modifications for each type, including exercise programs, long lists of food to either seek out or avoid, and suggested treatment of specific illnesses. Some of this gets pretty arcane, including his recommendation of bladder wrack (a seaweed) for ulcer treatment of Type O's.

A big part of the appeal of this book series is that anyone reading it can become a participant by joining Dr D'Adamo's online blood-type registry. Live Right For Your Type is peppered with testimonials from these registrants, giving the reader a sense that a true transformation in health, appearance, weight and well-being is just a few diet and lifestyle changes away. --Lou Schuler


Again, As an aside a tip on keeping your tail clean, haven't we all heard that phrase.

Anyhow the tip is regarding what one eats and the health of ones gut. In short getting the right food, massively helps to keep the gut populated with friendly bacteria, and oxygenated and thereby healthy. Firstly that a low sugar/simple carbs diet helps. Repopulating the gut via yogurt is commonly promoted, I recommend Greek relatively high fat and very low sugar yogurt for that. Feeding the friendly bugs helps even more, (they have to eat too) from what I have seen garlic, onions and leeks work very well at doing just that. Seaweed as used by the Japanese is a great food from the sea with the added benefit of being good at carrying out rubbish such as heavy metals with it. Mind you so is olive oil. If you want to know more try Live Right for Your Blood Type on the Links page.


OTHERS These are a practitioner oriented business, that can provide individual minerals, if you wish.





You can't help learning all there is to know about life in some books. Monty's books are like that.

Monty Roberts the horses of my life; Perfect Manners- How to Behave So Your Horse Will Too 







goldilocks enigmaSynopsis
"The Goldilocks Enigma" is Paul Davies spectacular and eagerly awaited return to cosmology. Here he tackles all the 'big questions' and introduces the latest discoveries that have allowed scientists to piece together the story of the universe in unprecedented detail. And he explains why, despite all this, cosmologists are more divided than ever. Why is everything just right for life on earth? And how have we tried to explain this? How has belief shaped the scientific debate? What do we really know about our place in the universe? Paul Davies decodes the real science and gets to the very heart of our understanding of the universe.



The Goldilocks concept is in fact the performance envelope, as exampled in aircraft design and economics, whilst also being our comfort zone that I talk about quite a bit. The bit being what guides the horse, unless one is really good and use a headcoller and single rope like the best cowboys do, leaving the horse in it's comfort zone also and giving quite often superior Goldilocks performance by leaving the horse with all it's wild ability along with the rider, if he is good enough to stay in tune with the horse.  HO An arse joke, so thinks the Horse


Some good books

We like our adventures. As a kid I sailed a lot and played Cowboy and Indians with no perception that anyone would do these games in a manner that really hurt anyone, Hence I may get round to putting some related books here.


Voyage of Liberdale


I always liked cowboy books when I was young and they taught me to stand on my own feet and go for things. Hence the link.



Clean Language Coaching:- Again can be used for just about anything. I first used it as managers in the late 80's at Mars. This funnily enough is all about leaving the coachee come employee come patient come pupil come horse in it's wild un domesticated, free to use all it's ability, without being boxed in by doctrine of what might be the boss. The focus is on letting people brain storm through their thoughts without being led by the coach at all.
 Trainingattention   The waterflower 'Caitlin Walker'
 Metaphors in Mind  Click here for the book A good book.


W.I.P. Still

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